Docere, delectare, movere

Surunyo means starling, a gregarious singing bird.

O Bando de Surunyo is an ensemble of human singing (and playing) birds specialised in the performance of 16th and 17th century music. Created as the laboratorial counterpart to the musicological study of early music sources from Portugal, the ensemble brings together research with an interpretative approach based on historical performance practice, having as mission statement the task of recovering this extraordinary music from the labyrinthine silence of the manuscripts where it lies and deliver it to the ears and hearts of today.

Operating and critically reflecting upon the concept of historical authenticity, O Bando de Surunyo privileges the communicative, narrative and affective dimensions of music, having as its main goal the very ideal of European 16th and 17th century music: to teach, to delight and to move through word, gesture and sound.

O Bando de Surunyo treats each piece and concert programme as a musical-rhetorical whole where music and poetry blend in mutual benefit as privileged means of affective communication.

The ultimate goal of all our concerts is the quintessential ideal of all European baroque music: to move and amuse the audience through word, sound and gesture.